The Mediterranean Sea is one of the most precious treasures that we have in Europe. Its beauty and natural diversity are unmatched and that is why we must do everything possible to preserve it. In this sense, the Portaferrada Festival has joined the “Clean The Sea” project of the For The Best World Foundation, to carry out a series of actions that contribute to the conservation of this important ecosystem.

These activities will be carried out thanks to the collection of the festival’s reusable cups, as part of the Solidarity cups program of the For the Best World Foundation, a pioneering program in which, in addition By facilitating holding a festival with less waste, profits are generated so that they can be invested in a positive environmental footprint in the area.

Among the actions that will be carried out this summer in the festival environment with the profit generated are the collection of debris from the seabed by experienced divers. This activity is crucial to eliminate those objects that have been abandoned at sea, such as fishing nets and other heavy objects that can harm marine fauna. In addition, waste collection will be carried out on beaches and rivers, which is harmful to the environment.

Waste collection with divers in the Mediterranean sea

But these actions will not only focus on cleaning the Mediterranean Sea, they will also organize environmental awareness workshops to make the population aware of the importance of caring for our planet.

We hope these actions will inspire others to follow our example and take action to protect the Mediterranean Sea. Together we can make it.

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