SDG13. Clean the Sea, an urgent action to clean up and preserve the Mediterranean

Created within the framework of World Oceans Day


The Best World Foundation presents the Clean the Sea project, within the framework of World Oceans Day, which will take place today June 8, 5:00 p.m. together with different personalities and expert entities in degradation and marine pollution.

Clean the Sea, www.cleanthesea.org, is a program promoted by the Best World Foundation to clean and preserve the Mediterranean Sea . This fight against marine litter is carried out at 3 main levels: cleaning the sea and rivers with a sustainable vessel in the Ebro Delta capable of removing residues from the surface and from networks in river collectors, generating of green employment from found plastic waste that is transformed to make objects and furniture and educational actions based on artistic and participatory tools in order to inspire the community in habits that generate less waste and responsible consumption.

In the session organized by MyM3, there will be a debate on Corporate Social Responsibility, society and the need to measure the impact around water.