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Mediterranean: the most contaminated sea

In recent years, numerous studies agree that theMediterranean Sea is the most polluted sea in the world.

This sad record that has been favored, in addition to its geographical location, by the high population density of the coastal areas, with a population of 427 million inhabitants (approximately 7% of the world population ), which attract a large number of tourists in the summer months (25% of annual international tourism), which represents significant commercial and recreational marine traffic (30% of global maritime traffic passes through the Mediterranean Sea).

In conclusion, the high human activity in this area,waste generation and lack of cleanliness, is leading to large accumulations of garbage .

We fight against marine litter promoting 6 main actions:

River cleaning boats

To prevent plastics from reaching the sea

Cleaning with divers

Bringing more value to the dives

Green Job Generation

Bringing more value to the dives

Cleanups with volunteering

Cleaning of beaches and coastal environments

Educational programs

To involve the whole community

Participative sculptures

Made with single-use plastics

Clean your cubic meter of Mediterranean

95% of the waste in the Mediterranean Sea is plastic

About 80% of marine litter comes from rivers

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Join us and let’s make history together

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